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what we do

As a therapist, I listen deeply and center each of your needs and goals by meeting you where you are. In session, you will experience warmth, authenticity, empathy, directness and humor as I bring my whole self into each session. I think the strongest part of my work is that I am authentic in how I show up; I approach my work with a realness that reaches the clients I serve. I am responsive to individuals who emerge from these spaces, and as they see themselves validated. I center wholeness with an intersectional approach to understanding how your past has shaped and impacted your present.  I help you recognize your strengths and together we collaborate on a plan for a better way of living life. 


My approach is an integrative practice combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy through mindfulness and spiritual practice techniques. I draw on my rich cultural and spiritual insight, as well as life wisdom, to hold up the mirror to you and support you through the journey of discovery and change that this space can offer.

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