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Nuestro enfoque está diseñado para <strong> M </strong> impulsarlo a convertirse en un participante activo en el cambio de cómo vive su vida independientemente de la situación. Utilizamos un enfoque interseccional para trabajar con individuos, niños y familias para comprender si su entorno ha contribuido a su condición actual y cómo ha contribuido, así como la mejor manera de empoderar al individuo para mejorar la funcionalidad y la calidad de vida.


> Entrevista motivacional (MI)

> Terapia cognitivo-conductual (TCC)

> Persona = Centrado

> Resumen centrado en la solución (SFBT)

> Basado en fuerza

> Terapia de juego

> Basado en la compasión

> Interpersonal

> Recuperación en 12 pasos

> Terapia cognitiva basada en la atención plena (MBCT)


I believe My therapeutic approach is an integrative practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy complemented through mindfulness and spiritual practice techniques. I use my cultural and spiritual insight, as well as my lifetime experiences, to hold up the mirror to you and support you through the journey of discovery and change that this sacred space can offer.

The core values that inform my work and life include a commitment to the needs and lives of my clients; integrity as the center driving the ethic of the work I do; nuanced appreciation for deep listening and the ways in which intersecting facets of a person’s life reveal themselves and work to impact their situation; genuine care for the people and their lives; an approach that harnesses a client’s strengths as a tool for their restoration and cultivation of life habits in ways that are aligned and accessible with their lives; and attention to the ways in which we can celebrate, lift up, and amplify growth and accomplishment as a resiliency practice.

“I think the strongest part of my work is that I am authentic in how I show up; I approach my work with a realness that reaches the client"

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