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MPower Counseling  is a social work practice dedicated to support individuals and families struggling to understand “what happened,” “how did I get here,” “why me.”

The effects of emotional stress is real and profound coupled with substance use it can be devastating to individuals as well as families. We are here to help. Your story does not have to end here–change it today.

At MPower Counseling, your struggle is not your story. That is what I was told once during my journey and have grown to make it my credo. Your struggle is not your story as your condition does not define you. Take the first step.

Larisa Correa, LCSW

Founder and Clinical Social Worker

I am a clinical social worker with over five years professional experience working with children and individuals who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues in addition to living with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. Recipient of the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship to study at New York University, I achieved a Master of Social Work and became licensed with the State of New York. My passion was fueled by discovering that emotional stress and addiction were very personal to me. I hit bottom and took the first step. With over 10 years sobriety, I dedicated my life to helping people find peace. I learned to live in the moment, be honest and face that which I fear the most…myself.